Nobody Asked Me But—Who’s Funding the Mosque at Ground Zero?


Who is Sharif El-Gamal and where did he get the money to buy the old Burlington Coast Factory property at 47-51 Park Place, in order to build the controversial mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero?

Just a few short years ago Sharif El-Gamal was waiting tables at Serafin’s Restaurant and Michaels on West 55th Street in New York City. His brother Sammy, his partner in SOHO Properties was waiting tables at Tao Restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They originally got into the real estate business by renting apartments on commission and were not actually buying and selling any properties.

Fast forward 8 years later, and SOHO Properties now owns four NY City properties, costing tens of millions including, 31 West 27th Street, which cost $45.7 million and the proposed Cordoba House Mosque near Ground Zero which E-Gamal and his partners, which included Nour Moussa, who is the nephew of Amr Moussa, the secretary of the Arab League. 47-51 Park Place was bought for a very low price $4.85 million, but all of it was in cash. SOHO Properties also owns two apartment buildings in Washington Heights. On the one at 31West 27th Street, El- Gamal has a co-granter named Hisham Elzanaty. Who is this mysterious man? Considering recent events, we sure won’t find out from El-Gamal.

Now where exactly did a man who was waiting tables for minimum wage and tips, get all of the money, especially the $4.85 million ALL IN CASH to buy the property for the proposed mosque near Ground Zero?

Unfortunately, El-Gamal is not talking; very adamantly not talking.

After Fox News sent several letters and emails to El-Gamal asking for a interview and not one missive was answered, they sent WNYW’s reporter Charles Leaf to nab him on the street for an interview. What was shown on Megyn Kelly’s America Live Program on August 24, would be funny if it weren’t so damn serious.

As Leaf followed E-Gamal up and down sidewalks and into back alleys, with mike in hand, Gamal ignored him like he wasn’t there and just kept walking away from Leaf.

“Sir, I’d like to talk to you about the funding for the Mosque at Ground Zero?” Leaf would say.

El-Gamal brushed past him and kept walking.

Leaf again stuck the microphone near El-Gamal’s mouth. “Sir, where did you get the money to buy the property on Park Place for Cordoba House?”

Still nothing from El-Gamal.

They walkded through a building and out into a backyard. Leaf was still in hot pursuit, microphone in hand. “Sir, why will you not answer any of my questions?”

Nothing. Nothing and Nothing from El-Gamal.

Yet Gamal was quite chatty when he agreed to an interview for an article named “Muhammad Comes To Manhattan” written by Mark Jacobson from the ultra-liberal New York Magazine.

When asked by Jacobson how he came pick to out the Park Place old Burlington Coat factory for his proposed Cordoba house, El-Gamal said, “Listen do you have any idea how Manhattan real estate works, what is involved? People seem to think we picked that building to make some kind of point. But that is simply insane.”

Jacobson then asked him a good question, but not the best question. He asked El-Gamal if he didn’t think twice about the possible controversy of building a mosque so close to Ground Zero?

“No,” El Gamal said. “Not for a second. It never entered my mind.”

Oh really? How can that even be possible? Three thousand people died on 9/11 by terrorist attacks executed my Muslim terrorists, and not once did El-Gamal think someone might be a tad tcked off at him for putting a Muslim mosque so close to ground zero ( body parts actually hit 47-51 Park Place on 9/11). This man is either an utter liar, or totally delusional. I’ll bet on the former.

Yet the one question Jacobson did not ask El-Gamal in his cream puff interview is where did a former waiter gets millions of dollars to buy anything, let alone $4.85 million in cold hard cash for the old Burling Coat factory near Ground Zero? And where does he propose to get over $100 million to build a 13-story glass and steel monstrosity of an “Islamic Cultural Center, which is just a fancy phrase for a mosque?

United States politicians including Peter King and Rick Lazio have asked for an investigation as to SOHO Properties financing, especially foreign financing, which may, or may not include funds from terrorists groups such as Hamas, Al Quida, the Taliban, or Hezbollah. King said, “The people who are involved in the construction of the mosque are refusing to say where their $100 million funding is coming from.”

Dr. Zundi Jassar, President of the American Muslim Forum also chimed in, agreeing with King. He said, “There should be transparency about who those investors are, whether that money is coming from domestic interests, or not. And if it is coming from foreign interests, we need to know, because I think that’s a liability, and it shows that there is another agenda rather than domestic security and tranquility.”

So there you have it. Even right-minded Muslims want to know if terrorist money is behind the proposed mosque near Ground Zero.

Where is Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama on this issue? They readily chirped about how this mosque must be built to show everyone in the world America is a tolerant country and that we have a Constitution that preaches Freedom of Religion.

But there is no Freedom of Religion if that religion preaches the destruction of the infidels ( that’s us folk) in the name of Allah, Muhammad or whatever they are calling their Supreme Being these days.

On September 11, at Park Place near West Broadway, at 3pm, there will be an anti-mosque rally. Be there and voice your displeasure, otherwise, our country, as we know it, may not exist anymore.


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